QIAS stands for Quran, Islam, and Arabic Studies and is composed of the following Subjects:

Quran: This subject covers quran memorization and recitation.

Islam: Students study from the “I Love Islam” series.  They learn about the pillars of faith the details of Islam, including the prophets’ stories.

Arabic:   Students study from the “I Love Arabic” series.  They learn how to read, write, and speak Arabic.


Islamic Studies and Advanced Arabic: Mrs. Shiam Harsho

Email: [email protected]

About Me:  I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your child this year at As-Sabeel Academy.  I have a Bachelors degree in English Literature and a Masters in Literary Studies. I taught for four years at the University of Aleppo in Syria. I also taught Arabic and Islamic Studies for two years at Dearborn elementary school in Michigan. Previously, I taught at the ISG weekend school, and I have helped with organizing and teaching in the ISG Summer School Program. I enjoy teaching and working with young children. I am married and have two children: Sara and Omar.

My personal mission is to ensure that your child develops a desire to learn about Islam and Arabic language.  I want each child to be successful in this life and the hereafter.  By working with families, we can ensure that children feel ready to achieve their and our dreams.

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Quran and Beginners’ Arabic: Mrs. Alaa Chukri

Email[email protected]

About Me: I have been always interested in working as an Islamic studies teacher. I love working with children and I would like to seek the reward from Allah by helping raise a Muslim generation who would carry the flag for Islam in the future.

In my childhood I used to attend lectures in the Masjid with my Muslim friends, and in my teens years I started to help teaching Qur’an and Islamic studies to young kids. My middle and high schools were Islamic schools which concentrated heavily on Islamic studies besides the regular studies taught in normal public schools.

By the help of Allah I was able to get an IJAZAH in reading the Qur’an in 2005, right before I got married and moved to the US. Since then I have been volunteering in weekend Islamic schools including my work as a teacher assistant at Dar Al-huda School in Michigan and as a teacher for Level 1 at the ISG weekend school.

My ultimate objective from teaching at an Islamic school is attain Allah’s satisfaction and to help raise a righteous Muslim Ummah, which starts from the early childhood years, because things learned at childhood are like the words carved on stones, they stay with the person through life.

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