Second Grade

Homeroom Teacher:  Ms. Basma Housari

Email: [email protected]

Class Website

I’m honored to work with the As-Sabeel students. They prove to be great achievers both academically and Islamically. They come every day prepared to learn and ready to be challenged. I see a great leadership ability in them. I am very proud of the wonderful and young generation I am teaching.

I completed my bachelors in Education with a minor in Communication at San Francisco State University. I volunteered in public and Islamic schools before coming to As-Sabeel Academy. I have a well rounded experience of teaching. During my first year I taught second grade. I co-taught fourth grade the second year. Last year, I taught math from second through fifth grade. This year, I will continue to teach math from second through fourth grade as well as language arts for second grade. I have been teaching for three years and this will be my fourth Insha Allah. 

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