Common Questions and Concerns

We are open to answer your questions and hear your concerns. The following are answers to some common questions and concerns As-Sabeel Academy has received from the Greenville community:

What kind of school is As-Sabeel Academy?

As-Sabeel Academy is a full-time Islamic private school.  We teach academic courses such as Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as Arabic and Islamic Studies.  We have been fully accredited by the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA), ensuring that our school is an officially recognized private school across the state.

What kind of curriculum are you teaching?

We are using the same curricula and the same books for academic subjects as the Greenville public school district. Reading, Grammar, Spelling, and Social Studies education materials are provided by Houghton Mifflin.  Science and Math Connects education materials are provided by MacMillan/McGraw Hill.

What are you teaching in Islamic Studies?

We are teaching the “I Love Islam” series, which is the most widely used and most successful Islamic studies curriculum used in full-time Islamic schools throughout the nation.  They will learn Islamic manners and etiquette, Aqeedah, Seerah, Qur’anic Studies and memorization, Islamic history, and more.

What do you teach in Arabic Studies?

We are using the popular “I Love Arabic” curriculum series.  Students will not only learn how to read and write Arabic, but they will also learn how to understand and communicate in Arabic.  By learning Arabic, the students will develop a framework for understanding the Quran, and will be able to use Arabic as a second/third language.

I already send my child to Sunday School, why should I enroll them in a full-time Islamic school?

As-Sabeel Academy integrates academic education from an Islamic perspective in an Islamic environment.  The effect of a full-time Islamic private school on a child’s behavior and understanding is significantly different from the effect of a weekly two-hour Sunday School session.  The weekend school helps provide children with only basic Islamic understanding and Arabic reading, and it cannot replace the development of Islamic character that comes with daily full-time classes.

I’m worried tuition may be too high for me to afford.  Is there any financial aid available?

Enrollment in our school is set at $3,500 per child ($2,500 for the second child in the same family) that can be paid in monthly or semester payments.  This is cheaper than any other private Islamic school we know of.  Nevertheless, we know that this is still difficult for some families, especially for those who would like to enroll multiple chlidren.  For this reason, we are willing to work with parents to arrange a reasonable and affordable payment plan.

We live far from the school.  Do you provide transportation for students?

Unfortunately, as a new school,  we do not have the resources to provide transportation for your children.  However, we are willing to help you arrange a carpool with other parents living in the same region.

My child has already started the school year in public school.  I can’t withdraw him/her from their school, can I?

Yes, you can.  You have the right to withdraw them from public school if you enroll them in a private school.  Ask the public school for details on withdrawing your child.

As-Sabeel Academy is still a small school.  I want my child to be able to socialize with a lot of kids.

Although we are still only a small school, we strongly believe it is better for your child to make good close friends with a handful of their fellow classmates than to become little more than just a casual acquaintance to dozens of classmates.  The smaller school environment fosters stronger and more meaningful relationships between students.

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