Physical Education

Instructor: Sifu Haroon Raja of Raja Academy of Martial Arts

Taken twice a week, our P.E. class helps teach younger kids to create healthy foundations as well as instill self confidence and self esteem.  We incorporate exercises that are meant to build stamina and endurance in their bodies at a young age as well as stretching techniques for improvement in flexibility before every class.  Exercises are often done in the form of games to keep it fun and exciting for kids.  Quarterly fitness tests help encourage students to improve upon their own fitness.  Our P.E. class is a positive way for kids to channel their energy.


Art is incorporated into a variety of lessons in all of the grades. Aside from that, all grades have a separate weekly art class to enhance student creativity.

Computer Education

Computer skills are a vital part of today’s education. Teachers work on computer skills during subject classes where they periodically do lessons using the computers.  Students in lower grades have center time where they are able to play learning games on the computer.  Students in 2nd grade and above have a weekly computer class where they learn software applications, keyboarding skills, use technology to further their learning across the curriculum, and create multimedia projects.

Tajweed Club

Tajweed Club is offered weekly as an after school program for students in third grade and above.  Students learn the rules of Tajweed as they read and recite the Holy Qur’an.

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