Nurturing the Love of Islam

“My Lord! Enrich me with knowledge…” – (Quran, 20:114)

This is how As-Sabeel Academy helps you to incorporate Islam in your child’s life at school:

  • The basics of Islam are taught and practiced on a daily basis at school.
  • Topics covered in classes are presented from an Islamic perspective, thus enabling the students to relate to the world from an Islamic point of view.
  • Our teachers are selected to be positive role models in our students’ lives.
  • Classes operate with a high level of discipline, creating an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Students are provided a spiritual orientation, letting them understand the differences between right and wrong without contradicting values.
  • Students are expected to wear Islamic attire and maintain proper Islamic manners, which will hopefully be reflected in the rest of their lives.
  • Students help enforce positive peer pressure, as opposed to negative peer pressure that leads to un-Islamic behavior.
  • Students are not exposed to issues such as drugs, alcohol, guns, and sexual education in a moral and religious vacuum.
  • The Quran is nurtured in students’ hearts through memorization and the teaching of its Arabic language
  • The remembrance of God is practiced on a regular basis through the use of du’a (supplications) and nasheed (Islamic songs)
  • Prayer and Athan are both taught in school and practiced during daily Dhuhr congregational prayers

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