Welcome to As-Sabeel Academy!

As-Sabeel Academy is the only accredited full-time Islamic elementary and middle school in South Carolina. We offer strong academics, both in core academic and religious subjects, in an Islamic environment where students are cherished members of our school family.

Our students are high achievers. As a whole, they perform in the top twenty percent of all students across the country on standardized tests, and many students score in the top five percent. Small class sizes combined with caring and dedicated teachers allow our students to flourish.

Most importantly, students at As-Sabeel have the opportunity to learn, live, and love their deen. Students have daily classes in Quran, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language. They pray in jam’aa together daily, they help their community by engaging in service projects, they celebrate Islamic holidays, and they develop leadership skills that will, with the help of Allah (SWT), allow them to be the leaders of their generation.

If you are looking for a school that offers the unique combination of high academic achievement in an environment that cultivates strong Islamic character, then consider joining the As-Sabeel family. We are here to serve our community. Please call and schedule a tour.