Learning at As-Sabeel

At As-Sabeel Academy, we believe that students learn best with their experiences are hands-on, engaging, and connected to their lives in meaningful ways. Teachers have the flexibility to plan learning experiences that are geared toward student interests and meet students wherever they are in their learning path.

Collaborative Learning: As-Sabeel students frequently have the opportunity to work and collaborate with their peers in cooperative groups.  This strategy has many benefits, including improved social skills, increased levels of participation and satisfaction, improved problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, and higher student achievement.

Engaging, Authentic, Respectful Tasks: As-Sabeel students are engaged in meaningful learning tasks.  Whether its reading and writing to learn about refugees, conducting science experiments to study matter, or engaging in a simulation to experience what it is like to carry water like much of the world’s population, our teachers work hard to create experiences that interest and engage students.

Differentiation:  No two kids are the same.  As-Sabeel teachers strive to provide instruction that is tailored to the specific needs of each child.  We find that it is important to meet students where they are.  Teachers use assessment to determine the specific needs of students, and provide instruction that meets the needs of all students.

Choice:  Providing students with choice in their learning is important.  As-Sabeel students are often given choices in a variety of ways: deciding what to learn, deciding how to learn, and/or deciding how to show one’s learning.  When students have the opportunity to voice their interests and ideas, they are more engaged and have higher levels of achievement.