Learning, Living, & Loving Our Deen

“To instill a love of Islam and learning.”

Our school vision underpins who we are as a school. Students at As-Sabeel Academy learn their Deen through daily instruction in Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies by loving and knowledgeable teachers.

As-Sabeel Academy helps students live Islam in many ways. Students pray together daily in jam’aa, they are encouraged to remember Allah through thikr and nasheeds, they observe Islamic etiquettes in dress and overall manners, they celebrate Islamic holidays, and they engage in school and community service. As-Sabeel Academy provides opportunities for students to gain valuable leadership skills that will serve them as they mature into young men and women, and later as they become leaders of the Muslim Ummah.

By providing an Islamic environment surrounded by caring and capable teachers, As-Sabeel fosters a love of Islam in its students.