As-Sabeel Academy utilizes standardized tests as one measure to provide feedback to parents, teachers, and administrators about student progress, achievement, and ability. Standardized testing is a snapshot of a student’s academic progress and serves only to add information to what we know about students based on their performance in the classroom. As-Sabeel uses test information to target student learning needs, identify areas of needed professional development in our faculty, and assess school performance.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth Testing

MAP Growth is an online test that provides a personalized assessment of what students are ready to learn. MAP Growth adjusts to each student’s response and then provides teachers with reports to help them better understand student learning needs. As-Sabeel teachers use MAP Growth results to plan instruction and differentiate learning needs. MAP Growth is administered twice each year to students in 1st – 8th grade.

Otis-Lennon 8 School Ability Test (OLSAT 8)

Students in 6th – 8th grades also take the OLSAT 8 during March each year. The OLSAT 8 helps parents, teachers, and administrators gain understandings into each child’s ability and how that correlates with their achievement.