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Dear Friends & Donors,

These are exciting times at As-Sabeel Academy! As our enrollment grows, our program improves, and our resources grow, we think, with gratitude, of the many supporters who help make our successes possible. Our du’a and thanks go to all of you who understand the value of As-Sabeel Academy’s academic and Islamic programs. Your generosity will bring about immeasurable positive changes to many students and their families that they will carry on for the rest of their lives. May Allah reward you in full measure.

At As-Sabeel Academy, we hire the best teachers available in the community, provide them with many professional development opportunities, and provide our students with the best tools and resources for their education. All of these goals require more monetary support than we can afford through tuition dues alone, even with two-thirds of our families paying the full tuition.

Our growing school relies directly on your donations to our Operating Fund, which help offset the many costs of operating As-Sabeel Academy. Gifts to this Fund, of every size, truly make a difference.

I invite you to explore the Giving pages of our website to become more familiar with the many ways you can contribute. Thank you again for your interest in supporting As-Sabeel Academy.

Ali Alkelani – School Board President

*As-Sabeel Academy’s tax return is available for inspection upon request.

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