21st Century Learning

Technology is essential to learning in the 21st century. As-Sabeel Academy is committed to ensuring that our students are exposed to a wide array of technological resources and that they simultaneously learn how to use technology efficiently and safely.

Each of our classrooms is equipped with a smart board. Students in the elementary school building (first grade and up) have their own assigned laptops, which they use weekly for technology lessons, including keyboarding instruction. The laptops are used to complete assignments, conduct research, and play academic games with their class.

Our middle school classrooms are equipped with computers for every student. Students frequently use computers for classwork, projects, and academic games. Our teachers provide explicit instruction on using technology safely and efficiently. Students also participate in an Internet Safety workshop presented by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

Beginning in third grade, students receive school email accounts and may use them to communicate with teachers and other students about school assignments. As-Sabeel’s Technology Use policy prohibits the use of school resources, including email addresses, for any purposes other than school business.

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