“So far, our daughter has been enrolled at As-Sabeel for four years and there has been no single day when she came back unhappy or less enthusiastic to go back to school next day. I am highly satisfied with the teaching methodology and found positive reinforcement as a key component throughout these years. My daughter has been encouraged to use her full potential, with instruction tailored to her individual needs.  She has had learning experiences that keep her challenged in a fun and encouraging way.

At As-Sabeel, she is not only learning about her faith but also her role as an American and as a Muslim for the community at large with great emphasis on compassion. Having teachers who are great role models, As Sabeel has helped my daughter develop her identity as an American Muslim with pride and dignity. I am very happy and satisfied that I chose As Sabeel.”

As-Sabeel Parent

“My five children attended As Sabeel Academy from when we moved to Greenville in 2013 until we moved away in 2018. We’ve lived in several different locations throughout the country, and have experienced several different schools. You are simply not going to find a higher quality education or more dedicated staff.

The student body pushes each other to excel, and the academic program is rigorous. The Arabic program is unparalleled, with even non-native speakers learning the basic language skills that are so essential to learning Quran. As a parent, I always felt welcomed, whether to volunteer or as a guest of the school.

The administration of the school is unparalleled. Their support for the teachers and students is clearly evident–and they are always available for students and their parents to address their concerns. They constantly find ways to improve the school, whether by providing cutting edge continuing education services for the teachers, or engaging the student body with competitions and guest speakers.

This is a small school, but it is one of the most excellent institutions that my children have ever attended.”

As-Sabeel Parent